Sterlings Insurance is a Full Service Independent Insurance Brokerage Agency. Sterlings Insurance was founded to give Individuals, Families, and Businesses a place they can trust when interested in buying Health, Dental, Accidental Injury, Critical Illness, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Business Overhead Expense, Key Person Coverage, Long Term Care, Vision, Medicare, and Life insurance. Through continuing insurance education and various business connections we're committed to continue offering our clients the right coverage at the right price. Contact us today and start enjoying the peace of mind; knowing you got the coverage you deserved at the right price.
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  •   You will only be offered Quality Coverage
  •    Several Plan options available to insure you find the right plan
  • 15 years insurance experience 
  • Ability to design a plan to fit specific budgets and needs
  • Access to the largest carriers in the country
  • Access to largest networks in country
  • Access to coverage through a specific company in your area
  • Coverage that gives you access to any doctor or hospital in your area
  • Prescription Coverage available without a deductible
  • Benefits available that cover gaps and out of pocket cost in Health insurance policies
  • Benefits that allow purchases of higher deductible lower premium policies
  • Coverage through a specific Doctor, Specialist, or Hospital
  • Alternate plan options if premium increase exceeds a competitive rated policy with same benefits in that specific area

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December 11, 2018

Life Insurance - Protection and Peace of mind ​​

  Many Americans will face a financial burden as a result of paying for burial and funeral services because there love one wasn't covered by a life insurance policy.  Don't let the high cost of burial and funeral services cause a financial hardship for your family.  Contact us to get the protection you and your family deserve. Contact us today at 469-403-4983

December 11, 2018

​We offer Group Health, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance through all the major carriers in Texas for groups of all sizes. Boost the reputation of your company by offering your employees group coverage. Contact us today at 469-403-4983 to get the group plan that fits your company.  Contact us ASAP! 
December 11, 2018

Individual and Family PPO Medical Plans
You can save yourself thousands by being on one of these plans.  If you do the math I'm talking about retirement money if you need comprehensive medical coverage.

Take advantage of your faith and get the Health insurance coverage you deserve.​ Faith based plans available that allow you to go see any doctor you prefer. The only true PPO Individual and Family plans left in Texas. To get more information. Visit our Texas Health plans page to review benefits and rates.  Rates haven't increased in over 3 years! This is not a traditional insurance plan but the benefits are is an easy way to describe these plans. 
December 11, 2018

You can now apply for a Health insurance plan​​ from Novermber 1, 2018 to December 15, 2018. Contact us at 469-403-4983 to review the options available in your area and enroll. Many new doctors have been added to different plans this year making your access to medical services better.